SFDR: We’ve got you covered!

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) may give you some headaches, but also brings a lot of opportunities. Ensure a smooth road to compliance for all reporting obligations by using BIQHs comprehensive SFDR Data Solution.

With the BIQH Market Data Platform for SFDR you will have complete insight in your SFDR data coverage, allowing you to make smart contracting decisions. Instead of taking in multiple data streams from many vendors, you will have access to all SFDR data points via one comprehensive API. This includes  the results for indicators that require complex calculations.

Insight in your SFDR data coverage

The road to SFDR compliance starts with making smart decisions on which SFDR/ESG data vendors to include in your portfolio. We work with all known players in the field of market and SFDR data. Our smart SFDR data coverage check gives you all the insights you need to select the right providers for your needs and guarantees an optimized coverage. With BIQH it is even possible to postpone the contracting of data providers to the last moment, as all data points are already available in our API.

Access to all SFDR data points via one comprehensive API

Optimizing your SFDR data coverage will probably involve multiple data feeds from several data vendors. Creating a lot of extra (maintenance) work for you and your team. With the BIQH SFDR Data Solution you will need only one comprehensive API to be compliant to all reporting requirements under SFDR. The BIQH API will feed all your documents, websites and other materials you would like to provide to regulators and investors. Also switching or adding data feeds will cause you no trouble, as BIQH can easily add or change the feeds to meet your requirements.

Avoid the hassle of complex calculations

Taking in data feeds from multiple vendors is not all the hassle, there is more. SFDR requires you to make calculations too. For example on the Carbon Footprint of your funds. The BIQH Market Data Platform takes care of all complex calculations. We use the raw data from the data vendors of your choice to do the calculations required and store the results as a new data point in our database. This way it is possible to track and trace the outcomes and original values for every calculation.

Take the deep dive

Factsheet SFDR

Discover how to collect and aggregate all ESG data you need for the Adverse Sustainability Impacts Statement.

SFDR webinar series

Are you well prepared for the new EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation? Join our free webinar series to kickstart your SFDR compliance!

BIQH checks all the boxes

Easy-to-use platform

Our Market Data Platform is the easiest way to manage your SFDR data.

Historical comparisons

We offer lookthrough data and over 10 years of storage for all SFDR related data points.

Expand and enrich

Create added value for users by combining SFDR data with e.g. listing, pricing or classification data.

Get in touch with BIQH

Do you want to take your SFDR market data infrastructure to the next level? Let’s have a talk and we will explain you the opportunities for your organization.

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