SFDR: We’ve got you covered

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) may give you some headaches, but also brings a lot of opportunities. Ensure a smooth road to compliance for all reporting obligations by using BIQHs comprehensive SFDR Data Solution.

With the BIQH Market Data Platform for SFDR you will have complete insight in your SFDR data coverage. Instead of taking in multiple data feeds from many data vendors yourself, you will have access to all SFDR data points via a consolidated API. This includes the results for indicators that require complex calculations.

SFDR Data Coverage

The road to SFDR compliance starts with the selection of your data vendors who will deliver the required data. BIQH is connected to numerous data vendors such as Sustainalytics, MSCI, and Morningstar and is ready to help you performing data coverage checks. By using the consolidated BIQH data model, you are completely free to choose whatever data source you like. As a result, you remain to be flexible in data sourcing when – for instance – data quality is not up to par with your requirements.

Availability of SFDR data

The BIQH Market Data Platform enables her clients to use one consolidated API to retrieve all required data for SFDR reporting requirements, saving them a lot of time and money in maintaining the high amount of data fields required. Our API is feeding all your systems, applications, and documents that you are providing to your end users and regulators. By using the GraphQL API, you are completely free to configure the data delivery formats in any way you want. A switch of data sources causes no IT impact, making it to change the solution or cope with new and/or changes regulatory requirements.

SFDR calculations as a service

Processing the data feeds from multiple data vendors is one part, performing calculations is another. For example, we help you calculating the ‘carbon footprint’ of your managed portfolios. Or, we help you to calculate the principal adverse impact (PAI) indicators. The BIQH Market Data Platform and our managed services takes care of all these complex calculations. Naturally, calculated values and/or derived data are stored in the BIQH cloud and become available in the BIQH API distribution layer for your data analytics purposes. Finally, we provide you with the means to track and trace the outcomes of the calculations back to the origins of the raw data being delivered by your desired data sources.

Take the SFDR deep dive

SFDR Factsheet

Discover how to collect and aggregate all SFDR related ESG data you need for the principal adverse impact (PAI) indicators.

SFDR Webinar Series

Watch our free webinar series to understand this important EU regulation and how to become compliant with the BIQH solution.

BIQH checks all the boxes


The BIQH Market Data Platform provides you with comfort to manage your SFDR data in one single database.


We provide you with lookthrough data and historical storage for all SFDR related data points.


Create added value for your end users by combining SFDR data with regular market data such as pricing, reference or research data.

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