BIQH Market Data Platform

The BIQH Market Data Platform is the managed service to retrieve, consolidate, manage, and use market data efficiently.

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Using Market Data Management as a Solution and a Service

The BIQH Market Data Platform is a fully hosted cloud platform for managing market data. Our platform mainly consists of 3 elements. Firstly, the BIQH silver copy database is storing, consolidating, and validating all incoming raw data from both data vendors, third parties, and your own internal data sources. As second, the BIQH golden copy database is storing, authorizing and mapping all cleansed market data into one single truth, separated per client. Finally, the BIQH distribution layer is providing access to the market data by means of GraphQL APIs in any output format required.

Users of the BIQH Market Data Platform also profit from our managed services. For instance, we help clients to solve data quality issues caused by data sources. But also, we make sure incoming data feeds are maintained, business rules for uploading data to the golden copy are constructed, specific output formats are configured, permissioning is set per downstream system, and many more operational tasks. These managed services are executed on top of our standard SLA support and maintenance of our cloud solution.

Data Sources and Feed Handling

The BIQH Market Data Platform is connected to numerous data sources. Foremost, feed handlers are in place with major data vendors such as Bloomberg, LSEG – Refinitiv, ICE, MSCI, or Morningstar. However, the platform is also connected to specialized data vendors such as Sustainalytics, Exchange Data International, or Dow Jones Newswires. Connections are also in place with third parties such as asset managers (like BlackRock, BNP Paribas, etc.) and institutions (like the ECB). Finally, you are also able to contribute your own data to the consolidated BIQH data model. Of course, your own data is protected and only to be consumed by your own users.

BIQH Cloud Storage and Data Quality Assurance

The BIQH Market Data Platform stores market data in its silver and golden copy database. Within the silver copy, all incoming data is consolidated into the generic BIQH data model. Also, all incoming feeds and its data are being validated based on generic data quality checks as well as client-specific data quality checks. When these steps are taken, the data may be uploaded to the golden copy database. This client-specific instance of the BIQH database is undergoing authorizations and entitlements up to the deepest level of granularity possible. Also, we map together external and internal instrument identifiers, making it easy to vendor independently request market data by means of our GraphQL API.

BIQH Distribution

Distribution of data from the BIQH Market Data Platform to your downstream systems and applications is managed by GraphQL APIs. This easy-to-use functionality enables users to construct their own queries on all available data in the BIQH data model. You are not bound to fixed API calls and you are able to receive the required data in any format you want, enabling you to replace existing data interfaces in a matter of seconds instead of months. In the background, BIQH makes sure data usage restrictions from data vendors are always respected.

BIQH Managed Services

By default, we provide you with SLA support and maintenance on the cloud platform of BIQH. However, we like to go a step further in ensuring you can rely on us for your day-to-day market data operations, the BIQH Managed Services. For instance, we help you with setting up the BIQH Market Data Platform, maintaining incoming and outgoing data feeds, executing reporting obligations to data vendors, and improving data quality by contacting data vendors in case of issues. Managed Services of BIQH are not mandatory and can be activated/deactivated whenever it suits you.

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