BIQH Market Data Platform

At BIQH, we provide a cloud platform that simplifies market data management. Our BIQH Market Data Platform enables you to maximize the efficiency of your market data usage, granting you complete control over your entire market data ecosystem. BIQH provides Market Data Management as a Solution and as a Service to address your market data needs.

4 Key Benefits of our BIQH Market Data Platform:

Flexibility in the output

Easily set up and customize market data flows with our intuitive API, only requesting and consuming data you really need.

Granular authorizations and usage statistics

Ensure compliance with your data vendor contracts, while logging all data usage and changes through the platform.

Replace ‘as-is’

Implement fast by using the BIQH specific and standard output formats. Mimic your existing interfaces to save scarce IT change management capacity.

Data Vendor Prioritization

Apply waterfalling by requesting and prioritizing market data in any given order, while ensuring compliance with your data vendor contracts.

Market Data Challenges

We’ve partnered with numerous financial institutions and have seen firsthand the common hurdles they face with market data management. These insights might resonate with you, as they do with many of our clients before we worked together. These challenges are the very reason we exist: to overcome them together with our customers.

Common Challenges:

  1. Maintaining control over market data flows: Struggling with market data spaghetti, the complexity of managing multiple data streams.
  2. Limited capacity for change: Existing resources are stretched thin, with minimal capacity for innovation or adapting to new demands.
  3. A shortage of market data expertise: Difficulty finding and retaining skilled professionals in market data management.

Market Data Platform – Addressing the Challenges

Market Data Platform – Addressing the Challenges

Maintaining control over market data flows

By validating and storing data from various sources in our BIQH Silver Copy Database and consolidating all this data into a single source of truth within the BIQH Golden Copy Database, we ensure your market data is always reliable and consistent throughout your entire organization.

In Control

Limited capacity for change

Our advanced API is able to mimic existing interfaces, eliminating the need for additional IT change capacity. Our managed services handle tasks like data feed maintenance, permissioning, and service delivery management, allowing your team to focus on value-adding business activities.

Limited IT Change Capacity

A Shortage of market data expertise

BIQH offers comprehensive support through our managed services. Our team of experts oversees market data quality, manages system permissions, and ensures compliance with vendor restrictions, acting as an extension of your internal market data teams.

Shortage of Market Data Expertise

Exploring the BIQH Market Data Platform

The BIQH Market Data Platform consolidates, validates, and distributes complex market data, providing clients with actionable insights for informed decision-making.


The BIQH Market Data Platform provides you with a consolidated data model, relieving you of interfacing and maintenance of many different data vendor feeds. Because of our vendor independent data model, you are able to switch data sources easily. By default, all incoming and outgoing data flows are logged and you may expect full auditability, usage, and data lineage insights.

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