Financial Market Data Platform

The BIQH Market Data Platform is the managed service to retrieve, consolidate, manage, and use market data efficiently.

Get in control over your current and future market data needs

Using Market Data Management as a Solution and a Service

Market data is complex and is undergoing lots of changes on licensing, content and usage. This urges for a holistic approach to market data on both a contractual and technological perspective. Centralizing your market data needs really helps, but this isn’t enough when requirements of your clients, regulators, partners, and colleagues change fast. You need the agility to adapt quickly when – for example – new regulatory reporting requirements are becoming applicable or new sales propositions need a quick go-to-market before your competitor does.


The BIQH Market Data Platform is the hosted solution to prevent you for the risk of slow innovation, licensing issues as a result of data vendor lock-in, and disparate databases leading to data inconsistencies. By using our platform, you will get in control over your current and future market data needs. Also, you will profit from economies of scale by using our robust and multi-vendor data model which is also suitable for your own proprietary data. By using one single truth of the data, data consistency is guaranteed and data quality is constantly monitored by BIQH. We even go one step further in preventing you for double licensing expenses and maintaining your regulatory and client reporting which will be freed from error prone manual interventions you have struggled with in the past.

The BIQH Market Data Platform is the managed service to retrieve, consolidate, manage, and use market data efficiently.

BIQH API | Your gateway to global market data

Every application and reporting service requires different market data feeds. That’s why the BIQH API is at the core of our Market Data Platform. The BIQH API offers you a normalized data model, connecting market data from multiple providers to one consolidated feed. You are able to fetch data from multiple data vendors in every output format you can think of. The BIQH API is your gateway to consistent, high quality and global market data solutions.

BIQH Market Data Steward | Manage your market data

Who is in control of your market data and its usage? It should be you, doesn’t it? To make it easier for you to manage and control every aspect of your market data logistics, we introduced the BIQH Market Data Steward. A user-friendly dashboard providing you all the necessary insights from data forensics and data lineage to insights on data quality. It even allows you to enrich and disseminate your proprietary data. The Market Data Steward is the tool to manage and mantain your security master database.

Take control over your market data logistics

Multi-vendor approach

Gives you access to over 110 data vendors, you can also add your own sources to the platform.


Offers you flexibility to add or switch data from a vendor of your choice, in a matter of seconds.

Ensure data quality

Continously monitoring data quality ensures the timeliness, validity, and completeness of your data feeds.

Are you ready to take control of your market data logistics?

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