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As a financial institution, you want to be able to focus on your core business. Because ultimately, this is where you make most of your result. Does that mean that you can neglect the cost side of your business? Far from it! So wouldn’t it be nice to have a partner to help you master the complexity of financial market data? To organise your data flows, maximise straight through processing, minimise manual intervention, reduce costs, be compliant and turn data into knowledge. And make sure that you can rely 100% on the integrity of your data. We can be that partner. Let’s explore how we can reduce your costs whilst strengthening your market proposition.


If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough

Financial institutions are faced with various challenges. Soaring data volumes, complex business requirements and pressure on budgets are just a few of these. But customers are also demanding more and more transparency. Regulators require all sorts of information. And if that’s not enough, disruptors are challenging you with new innovative services, whilst your legacy IT system is slowing down your new initiatives. And to top it all, software developers are hard to get. Data is the “new oil” and your systems are only as good as the data it needs to crunch.

Our BIQH platform can take a load off your mind when it comes to organising and optimising your financial (market) data. Whether it is pricing or reference data, we have the solution for you. And yes, financial (market) data in itself is complex, as are the applications that receive it. But mastering complexity is what we’ve been doing for over 15 years and for the biggest banks and brokers in the Netherlands.

Delta Lloyd

BIQH allows Delta Lloyd Asset Management to outsource the complexity of managing their fund information and publish it in a comprehensive and futureproof way.


BIQH developed services like a market data terminal, investor website and many data services. Including complexity like instrument matching and interconnectivity with front, middle and back office systems.

Getting your market data right, every bit of it

We manage your market data flows in the front, middle and back office

BIQH is our platform that helps our customers optimise data in the front, middle and back office and turn that data into knowledge. BIQH is data agnostic. We are independent and do business with multiple data providers. It’s up to you to choose which providers and sources you want to work with. Besides integrating and serving third party data, BIQH can also incorporate your data in any way you want. Tailoring is what we do. Our BIQH approach gives our customers the flexibility they seek. Numerous applications (in the back, middle or front) can be serviced with data via one BIQH connection (which can naturally be tailored to your needs). That’s the output. Regarding the input, there is a wide selection of data, providers and sources. Bond prices via Bloomberg? Benchmark data via Rimes? Reference data via ICE? News from Dow Jones? Research via Factset? FX prices via Thomson Reuters? It’s all at your disposal and delivered through one connection with the BIQH platform. It’s like shopping on Amazon. You fill your basket with different products (from different suppliers) and it’s delivered to you in one box. BIQH is a three tier platform. We offer data management, data services and data applications. Each layer of this platform is seamlessly interconnected, but can also be used separately.

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working together means being partners

We no longer believe in the traditional relationship between supplier and customer. That may have worked well in the past, but today we need to do more than just deliver what the customer wants and send an invoice. We believe that working together means being partners. In this partnership, we play an active role, contributing to goal setting and helping achieve added value. We naturally do this at the most favourable (financial) conditions. Our success is proved by our long term relationships with organisations like Rabobank, ABN AMRO, ING Bank, Delta Lloyd Group, BinckBank and RTL Nederland. And that makes us very proud!

Your succes is our succes

We are deeply committed to our customer’s success. We always put the relationship ahead of the transaction. Because we believe that what’s good for our customer is good for us. We monitor developments in the financial industry and we ask the right questions. “What does a customer really want?” is the question which goes beyond delivery of a technical solution for a certain need. Our core values describe us as challenging, enhancing and a transparent partner. And that’s how we operate, delivering success for both of us. We want to be a trusted advisor for our customer, an “external colleague” on whom they can totally depend.

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