BIQH Market Data Hub

Lower your costs, improve your data quality, use one source of information and simplify your processes. That is BIQH. That is the Market Data Hub.

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BIQH Fund Solution

Collect, enrich, and distribute your mutual fund and ETF information with BIQH. We assist in managing and optimizing complex data streams.

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BIQH Market Data Applications

BIQH creates, designs, develops, and manages the front-end around your data in co-creation with you. Our motto is KISS – Keep it Smart and Simple.

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BIQH optimizes your data streams

BIQH, because we’ll put IQ in your big data


Biqh centralizes, optimizes and transforms financial data into information

Our clients are banks, brokers, custodians, and asset managers who provide private investors with financial markets information.  We help our customers save time, effort, and costs by collecting, storing, processing, and distributing large quantities of data from various sources to the right applications, systems, and processes. This way, centralized data is transformed into actionable information.



Our clients are flooded with market data from centralized sources, varying from information on investment products to input for risk management systems. This leads to high costs and many question marks with regard to market data.

BIQH centralizes data to one central platform, hosted by BIQH itself, enabling customers to access data at one central destination. This way, we offer time and cost savings, which directly impact the customer’s result. 



  • Market Data Hub
  • BIQH Fund Solution
  • Market Data Applications
Market Data Hub

Getting your market data right, every bit of it. Your challenge: high costs because of decentralized information sources. Our solution: one source for all your market data, one truth for your organization.

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BIQH Fund Solution

Consolidate your mutual fund information. Your challenge: complex and labor-intensive data distribution. Our solution: one comprehensive solution for connecting and visualizing data streams.

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Market Data Applications

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. Your challenge: quickly innovate with limited means. Our solution: develop reports with the BIQH tools, smart and simple.

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Curious about BIQH?

Every organization is unique, that's the reason why we provide customized advice.  Do you want to know what BIQH can mean for your organization or do you have a question?  Please feel free to contact us via +31(0)33 450 50 85 or send an e-mail to info@biqh.com.


ISO 27001 CERTIFIed 

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BIQH Financial Data Services is ISO 27001 certified. This is the international certification for information security. Data security is about trust, tight procedures and awareness among all employees. This ISO certification is a guarantee of the quality we deliver to customers. We are a reliable partner in the field of data management solutions.


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