Market Data Management as a Solution and as a Service

Working with market data is challenging. The financial industry struggles with data growth from new laws and regulations, limited IT resources, and complex market data licensing. BIQH offers Market Data Management as a Solution and as a Service to help you navigate these challenges efficiently.

Compliant, Flexible, and Vendor-Independent Market Data Management

BIQH helps banks, brokers, asset managers, and insurance companies overcome these challenges with our Cloud MDM solution. Our Market Data Management offering ensures compliance, flexibility, and efficiency, putting you back in control of your market data landscape.

Welcome to BIQH

With over 25 years of experience, BIQH believes in a fair marketplace for the market data industry. Our specialized cloud-based Market Data Platform and Managed Services ensure that we are not just another supplier, but your trusted external colleagues. This means you can rely on our pragmatic approach and exceptional transparent communication and pricing model.

What you gain as a customer

  • Efficiency: Streamline your market data management processes and reduce operational costs.
  • Control: Gain complete control over your market data landscape with our flexible, vendor-independent platform.
  • Compliance: Ensure your data management practices meet the latest regulatory requirements and data vendor license agreements effortlessly.

Join us in transforming the way market data is managed and experience the benefits of a transparent, efficient, and compliant approach.

5 reasons to work with BIQH


Compliant to laws, regulation, and policies.


Grip on market data flows in your organization.

Vendor Independent

Be in the driver's seat of your market data landscape.


Improved time-to-market for innovation and compliance needs.

Cost Savings

Avoid double data purchases and inefficiencies.

Untangle the Market Data Spaghetti

At BIQH, we untangle our customers' Market Data Spaghetti. Understanding the evolution of market data complexity and the challenges it presents is crucial. Explore the stages from initial simplicity to potential future chaos without proper management solutions. For more information about the Market Data Spaghetti, read our blog.

Stage 1: Simple and manageable

At the beginning, market data management was straightforward with a clear data flow from a single source. The simplicity made it easy to manage and understand the data landscape.

Solutions for your Market Data processes

Learn more about our Market Data Platform, ESG Screening Solution and Managed Services

BIQH Market Data Platform

The BIQH Market Data Platform consolidates, validates, and distributes complex market data, providing actionable insights for informed decision-making. Our platform maximizes efficiency and gives you complete control over your data ecosystem. Our flexible API ensures seamless integration in your existing and new market data landscape. BIQH provides Market Data Management as a Solution and as a Service to address all your market data needs, ensuring compliance, reducing costs, and enhancing innovation.

BIQH ESG Screening Solution

The BIQH ESG Screening Solution automates pre- and post-screening of financial instruments and their issuers based on your ESG policies. Our award-winning platform collects, validates, and maps all relevant ESG data, applying your sustainable screening rules to your investment universe. The results are available in any format, enabling sustainable investment decisions.

BIQH Managed Services

BIQH offers comprehensive support through our managed services. Our team of experts helps you with service delivery management, platform maintenance and specific workflows such as data quality assurance.  Acting as an extension of your internal market data teams, we handle all aspects of data management, freeing your internal resources for value adding business activities and enhancing operational efficiency.

Our latest insights

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