Market Data Management as a Solution and as a Service

Working with market data is challenging. The financial industry is struggling to cope with tremendous data growth emerging from new laws and regulations. Also, IT change resources are really limited to change existing infrastructures. Finally, there is not much knowledge about market data and the permitted usage.

Overcoming market data challenges

BIQH is there to help banks, brokers, asset managers, and insurance companies to overcome these challenges. We believe in a transparant and fair marketplace for the market data industry where our clients are back in the driver’s seat of their market data landscape. By providing market data management as a solution and as a service, we bring our clients compliance, flexibility, and efficiency.

Your external colleagues

BIQH is like your external colleague, not one of many suppliers. You can count on us when it matters and we like to be very pragmatic. We are transparant in everything we do, which includes a transparant pricing model like no other in the market data industry. Speaking the language of both your organization, data vendors and other players in the market data industry, we are your ideal sparring partner and solution provider.


The BIQH Market Data Platform provides you with a consolidated data model, relieving you of interfacing and maintenance of many different data vendor feeds. Because of our vendor independent data model, you are able to switch data sources easily. By default, all incoming and outgoing data flows are logged and you may expect full auditability, usage, and data lineage insights.

5 reasons to work with BIQH


Compliant to laws, regulation, and policies.


Grip on market data flows in your organization.

Vendor Independent

Be in the driver's seat of your market data landscape.


Improved time-to-market for innovation and compliance needs.

Cost Savings

Avoid double data purchases and inefficiencies.

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