Market Data Management as a Solution and as a Service

BIQH Financial Data Services gives you total peace of mind regarding your market data landscape.

The BIQH Market Data Platform is the data vendor independent solution to retrieve, consolidate, manage, and use market data efficiently. We significantly lower your spend on market data operations, while improving time-to-market for your compliance and innovation needs. Financial institutions are profiting from our managed services and by doing so, they are able to save scarce IT capacity while ensuring data quality and flexibility.

Get a grip on market data usage with BIQH

To manage your market data landscape can be quite challenging. End users and regulators demand changes quickly, but you have little possibilities to do so. The BIQH Market Data Platform enables you to make changes fast and easy, but also reducing your spend on market data and its operations. We provide you the flexibility to change, add or remove internal and external data vendors whenever you want. We make sure your market data consumers and downstream applications are unaffected while doing so.

Data Governance

Are you in control of your market data usage? How do you feel about data quality? Are you able to switch data vendors when desired?

BIQH helps you to improve your market data governance. We provide you with one single interface for all the market data you need throughout the organization. We take care of an efficient way of distributing the data to your market data consumers and downstream applications. Also, we provide you with data quality insights and we stand ready to solve any problems with the data.

Our way of working

BIQH is like an external colleague to her customers, not one of many suppliers. This means our customers can always count on us, we have a ‘can-do’ mentality, we respond very fast, and we are always transparent in communication and our pricing. We speak the language of both your organization and that of the data vendors. We are your sparring partner you can rely on.


5 reasons to work with BIQH


Compliant to laws, regulation, and policies.


Grip on market data flows in your organization.

Vendor Independent

Be in charge of your market data.


Improved time-to-market for innovation and compliance needs.

Cost Savings

Avoid double data purchases and inefficiencies.

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BIQH market data experts

BIQH has nearly 25 years of experience on the crossroad of market data, IT and financial markets. We are a young and enthusiastic team, strengthened by a group of experienced professionals.

Our customers are struggling with a lack of knowledge on market data, many new demands of market data, and too little time and capacity to innovate or change their market data infrastructures. This makes it very difficult to cope with industry trends such as data governance, the move to the cloud, and keeping up to par with laws and regulations. As a result, market data becomes problematic. Market data usage and associated costs become opaque and inefficient.

BIQH believes in a transparent marketplace for the market data industry by providing Market Data Management as a Solution and as a Service. By offering the BIQH Market Data Platform, we help our customers to be at the forefront of innovation and knowledge.

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