We believe in a transparent marketplace for the market data industry


We believe customers should be able to make independent choices regarding their desired data and the associated data vendors. This can be achieved with the BIQH Market Data Platform despite technological barriers, lack of industry knowledge or lock-in from a procurement and technogical point of view.

Customers describe BIQH as their external colleagues: they can always count on us, we have a ‘can-do’ mentality, and we are always transparent. We are not one of many suppliers, we want to be your sparring partner.

Customers about BIQH

BIQH speaks the language of both data vendors (supply) and financial institutions (demand).

We rely on BIQH, charmed about the stability of services.

A big cost-saver for the organization.

BIQH is a solution provider and sparring partner, bringing together specialized technology and scarce knowledge about market data.

We offer you peace of mind regarding your market data logistics

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