Today marks a significant milestone for us at BIQH, as we had the privilege of ringing the gong to open the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. This ceremony marks our 25th anniversary and connects us to a long-standing tradition in finance, underscoring our ongoing innovation in market data management.

The Tradition of the Gong

The ringing of the gong at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange is a practice steeped in history, originating in the 17th century. Although trading today is fully automated, the gong remains a symbolic gesture, traditionally performed by leaders of the finance and business community. This act marks the start of a new trading day, symbolizing opportunity and renewal. Our involvement in this ceremony reflects our role as a player in the financial sector.

A Journey Through Time: BIQH’s Evolution

Founded 25 years ago by Franz Schrandt and Marcel Schrandt, our company began as BIS, which sold market data terminals for private investors in the Benelux. Over the years, it has evolved into the market data management solution we provide today, adopting the BIQH identity in 2018. This journey has been characterized by a continuous focus on developing and enhancing market data solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

BIQH’s Commitment to Market Data Excellence

At BIQH, we fully recognize how vital accurate and timely market data is in driving business and investment decisions. Many organizations struggle with what we call ‘Market Data Spaghetti’—a complex web of data streams supplied by numerous vendors to various departments, which often leads to inefficient and tangled data workflows. Our Market Data Platform specifically tackles these challenges. It provides our clients with powerful tools to simplify their data access and management processes, effectively untangling their Market Data Spaghetti. This improvement not only boosts our clients’ operational efficiency but also ensures an optimal and cost-efficient flow of data, empowering their customers to make better-informed decisions.

Conclusion: Embracing the Future with Confidence

Reflecting on our 25 years of achievements, we are proud of the milestones we have reached and remain motivated to continue our journey in market data management. Fifteen years ago, we had the honor of ringing the gong at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange for the first time, and today, we celebrate a repeat of that proud moment. We are committed to further developing our capabilities and looking forward to potentially ringing the gong again in another 25 years.

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