Artificial intelligence and financial information: the race is on!

Panel Discussion: How AI is reshaping vendor products, user processes and value for clients

Watch our DKF24 panel discussion about AI and financial information

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The panel existed of:

  • Christian Baha, Baha
  • Stefanie Rolf, DZ Bank
  • Dmitri Sedov, LSEG
  • Stefan Weichert, Forrs
  • Bernard Schut, BIQH

In this video, we will discuss a range of topics, including:

  1. How AI is transforming financial information services.
  2. The integration of AI in market data management.
  3. Automation of feed handling and data documentation.
  4. The impact of AI on software development efficiency.
  5. The evolving role of AI in regulatory compliance.

Join us to explore these and other exciting developments in the field!