Watch on-demand: How to optimize your document production workflow

Does your organization spend a lot of time on the creation of factsheets, UCITS KIIDs, PRIIPs KIDs and other reports?

In this webinar we will present you a step to step guide to optimize your document production workflow and answer common questions such as:

  • How to integrate multi-source, multi-provider and multi-language data?
  • How  smart business rules help you to improve market data quality?
  • How to leverage market data for  investment solutions?

Watch on-demand: Why every retail bank should offer a smart news feed to its investors

Have you ever thought of integrating a smart and simple news feed in your retail investment portal? One that helps investors to make better decisions?

In this webinar Ferdie Daanen and Colin Prins will discuss, together with Kick Hoyng from ANP, the relevance of corporate news for retail investment and answer questions such as:

  • Why themed and tailored news feeds will increase the customer experience
  • How to combine corporate and financial news with regular market data
  • Why also your compliance officer will benefit of a smart news feed