Integration of various data feeds to one Golden Copy

The central market data platform

The BIQH Market Data Hub consolidates and organizes the various parts and aspects that go with managing market data into one single Golden Copy. Collected data are subject to quality checks, where the integrity of data is tested on completeness, actuality, and correctness. Data can easily be accessed by customers through our BIQH Market Data API. To service our customers optimally, we offer custom enhancements.


Quality and flexibility

Interface with only one party

In order to collect the market data required by our clients, we sign partnerships with data providers, including ICE Data Services, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Morningstar, etc. Our clients can also store their own data in the hub. The content management system enables easy data management in the Golden Copy. This not only leads to an overview of the clients' market data landscape, but also to significant cost benefits.


Simplify your market data management


  • Easy setup of security master data files
  • One, single Golden Copy of data
  • Automated data cleansing
  • Enterprise data management on one platform
  • Easy use of BIQH data services
  • Consolidated data feed
  • Offered as one-stop-shop solution

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