Transform data from information into knowledge

What does an investor really want to see?

BIQH designs and develops market data applications for professional and private investment clients of financial institutions. Together with our customers, we decide on the information that will lead to knowledge, action and result among their target group. Based on our knowledge and experience, we develop ideas that will visualize our clients' roposition – and as a result will strengthen it – in a user-friendly and future-oriented way. In addition, we take much work out of our clients hands as we host and manage the applications ourselves.


Focus on simplicity and user-friendliness

Your partner for applications

Our applications are available in various appearances, for example as an iFrame with price charts for a website or a realtime streaming market data system. We are always able to help. Our applications are always connected to our BIQH Market Data Hub or BIQH Fund Solution. This means you always have insight in the data that are used in the applications. We also ensure that applications match your IT landscape. Collaboration with our clients is essential for us to be able to reach an optimal end result.


Customized tools and overviews


  • Based on modern technology such as HTML5 and Angular
  • Mobile responsive and adaptive
  • Deployable as a market data system and financial app
  • Collaboration in the design phase ensures an optimal end result

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