The world of retail investments is evolving

And that's why market data will never be the same again

The investor of the future is tech-savvy, in need of financial planning and focused on sustainable profits. And by the way… they no longer need a private banker or investment manager to help them make smart investment decisions. They are eager to learn how to do it themselves and willing to pay for added value. This demands a whole new approach for financial institutions offering retail investment services to their customers. And an efficient market data strategy is key to keep up with rising and altering customer expectations.

Of course you provide your retail investors with the necessary and obligatory data to manage their investment portfolios. But do you also offer value-adding solutions that allow them to make even better investment decisions? Such as intelligent fund screeners, interactive market data terminals or even ESG equity factsheets? The BIQH Market Data Platform enables innovation, reduces the time to market for new retail investment propositions and significantly lowers the costs of your market data logistics.

Speed up innovation and decrease the time to market

Inspired by industries outside the financial services, the demand for enablers like virtual engagement, seamless app experience and omnichannel support is increasing steeply. To keep up to par with disruptors you have to speed up your innovation cycles. The BIQH Market Data Platform is made for organisations that want to respond quickly to changing market dynamics. With our innovative BIQH API we deliver market data from 80+ vendors to your doorstep. Ready to use and in your desired output format or that of the well-known industry standards. You can add or switch your internal or external data feeds whenever you want, without the burden on your IT capacity and thus lowering the time to market for your new retail investment solutions.

Lower the costs of your market data logistics

As margins are low and competition is tough your retail investment operations should run smooth and cost efficient. At the same time, changes to your market data landscape require a lot of your budget and change capacity. Making it almost impossible to prevent for vendor lock-in.

Get a grip on your market data logistics with BIQH. Our Market Data Platform gives you the necessary tools to monitor data usage and with the BIQH API it is easy to switch data sources if needed. No IT change involved and the quality and availability of your market data is guaranteed. BIQH puts you in charge of your own market data logistics.

We offer you peace of mind regarding your market data logistics

So you can focus on delivering the retail investment services your clients are waiting for
Fund data flows | For fund managers in need of data consistency

Fund data flows

For fund management companies in need of data consistency

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