Effective data management with the BIQH Fund Solution

High quality fund information

The BIQH Fund Solution contributes to collecting, centralizing, and cleaning raw data and publishing mutual fund and ETF information that is used by various market participants. Asset managers and distributors of mutual funds and ETFs benefit form high-quality information as fund data pass through a quality control before publication. This solution is offered via BIQH’s Market Data API and provides a wealth of custom options, that align with a clients' strategy.


Select and combine the sources of information

Extend with applications

BIQH offers a wide selection of mutual fund and ETF information from third parties including Lipper (Thomson Reuters) and Morningstar. The Fund Solution allows you to add or combine your own data. A user-friendly content management system enables easy management of data. It is also possible to use applications in various appearances, such as a factsheet or fund screener as an extension of the data management and data services in the Fund Solution.


Full control of fund data


  • Complete fund reporting solution
  • High-quality fund information
  • Extension possibilities with a.o. fund screener and reporting tools
  • Manage your own content with CMS functionality

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