"One comprehensive solution for mutual fund information"

Bernard Schut, Managing Director BIQH

ING Bank

We are very happy to collaborate with ING Bank. We jointly implemented the Fund Solution which led to a happy customer and partner.

Head office ING Bank

why biqh at ing bank?

ING Bank was looking for a party that could offer a standard solution as well as customized one. The BIQH Fund Solution is especially suited for this purpose. By taking in fund information from Lipper (Thomson Reuters) and enriching these data with ING Bank's own data, we were able to offer an excellent end product to the client. The end product consists of a data service (API) and fact sheets, both fully designed in ING Bank's corporate style. All is managed via a user-friendly content management system. 

what's the result?

Mutual fund and ETF information can be found in a variety of forms and formats. Some funds publish large amounts of information and others hardly any. Some funds offer factsheets of 5 A4 pages, whereas others stick to 2. We solved this inconsistent way of informing private investors together with ING Bank. First, we found a renowned partner in Lipper (Thomson Reuters). This party collects fund information on a global scale, and also includes the legal documents. We take Lipper’s data feed and ensure that data becomes available for ING Bank when it meets our requirements in terms of completeness, actuality, and correctness. Next, ING Bank can enrich the fund information with its own data, such as reference data, categorization and research. Categorizing mutual funds and ETFs in particular is important to determine the right template of the factsheets. A private investor wants to see different information on fixed-income funds (for example credit ratings) than on equity funds (for example industry information).

After the mutual funds contain the right information, they can be published via the content management system to the web service. Next, ING Bank will take in the web service and process it within its own applications. Instrument-related documents such as the factsheet or prospectus are offered by BIQH.

learn more?

If you want to know more about BIQH, please contact us at +31(0)33 450 50 85 or send an email to info@biqh.com.


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